Local Attractions

These are the Local attrations come and check it out

Hatrick Raceway
Hatrick Raceway is open to everyone to come along and watch the racing, enjoy a tasty cold beverage, have a meal and take a punt. Enjoy top-class racing and an electric atmosphere.
Whanganui Regional Museum
The Whanganui Regional Museum is only 12 minute walk from the raceway motel. Whanganui Regional Museum founded in 1892, has an extensive collection of natural and human history with a regional emphasis.
St Mary's Catholic Church
St Mary's church stunningly beautiful is only 12 minute walk from the raceway motel. St Mary's church is a octagonal shape, the beautiful stained glass windows, the space is large yet still feels intimate; a wonderful place to visit.
Durie Hill Elevator
The Durie Hill Elevator is only 1.6 km from Raceway Motel. The Durie Hill Elevator is a public elevator in Whanganui, on the North Island of New Zealand. It connects Anzac Parade beside the Whanganui River with the suburb of Durie Hill. It is ranked by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 Historic Place, and is New Zealand's only public underground elevator
Virginia Lake
The Virginia Lake is only 3.5 km from Raceway Motel. Virginia Lake is a destination in itself for those wanting a spot of serenity without having to drive for half the day to find it. Just 15 minutes north of the centre city, the lake and its surrounding grounds, are filled with birdlife and native flora. Pigeons have made their home in a leaning tree, tuis show off amongst the branches above, while regal-looking swans glide past on the water. If it’s more exotic types of birds you’re looking for however, the aviary situated on the same grounds offers a glimpse into the wild and wonderful life of exotic birds
Royal Wanganui Opera House
Royal Wanganui Opera House is only 1.7 km from Raceway Motel. It is a landmark cultural icon, and the last remaining working Victorian theatre in the southern hemisphere, elegantly standing at over 115 years old. The theatre was officially opened on the 9th of February 1900.
Kowhai Park
Kowhai Park is only 1.7 km from Raceway Motel. Kowhai Park has lots of incredible equipment to play on including several slides, rocket ships to drive, a castle to explore, a ship to sail, water-play fountains, and a skate and bike park.This is a playground that, young or old, can’t fail to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re looking to break a journey or staying in the area, it has been around and much loved by kids for decades.
Wanganui Winter Garden
Wanganui Winter Garden is only 2.5 km from Raceway Motel. The winter gardens are a must see when you travel to Whanganui. Especially at night when they are all lit up. The gardens have an indoor/outdoor aspect and walking access is very easy with only a few steps to traverse. The plantings have been very well maintained and the gardens are well worth a visit. They are free of cost and there is plenty of free carparking nearby. There is also a great café immediately beside the gardens.